Your Computer – Desktop – Using The Recycle Bin Online Lesson

Computer lesson for seniors - using the recycle bin

Computer lessons for seniors and beginners

Using The Recycle Bin And Deleting Desktop Icons Free Online Computer Lesson For Seniors and Beginners

Recycle Bin and Icons

Learning Objectives

  • How to delete
  • How to restore deleted items
  • Understanding Desktop icons

Target Audience:
Complete computer beginner/novice

Introduction and Online Learning Objectives

The next of our free online computer lessons for seniors and beginners explains how to use your recycle bin. In other words we will show you how to delete unwanted items and also how to restore items. This is particularly useful if you have deleted something only to find at a later date that you want it back. With the restore function you can do just that. This computer tutorial also explains about removing unwanted desktop icons, which is useful to prevent your desktop becoming over crowded, housekeeping tasks which are important in developing your computer skills.

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Summary of Learning Outcomes

You should now be familiar with using the recycle bin, what happens when you delete an item and how to restore a once deleted item. You should also know how to delete unwanted desktop icons.

If you are still unsure over anything covered in this free online computer lesson for the elderly then either watch the video again or contact us. We are always interested in your feedback of our computer lessons as it helps us to improve. Please also let us know of any other online computer lessons you think would help.

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