Computer courses for beginners – Word tutorials – Tabs and Commands

Word Tutorials - Tabs and Commands

Word Tutorials – Tabs and Commands

The next of our Word Tutorials continues our computer courses for beginners and seniors with a computer lesson about the tabs and commands on the Microsoft Office Word Ribbon. The tutorial follows on from the previous computer lesson about the layout of Microsoft office word 2010 and 2007 by demonstating the other Tabs along the Office Word ribbon. Key commands are pointed out on each tab and we also demonstrate that information about commands is easily available when moving your computer mouse. [Read more…]

Computer courses for beginners – An introduction to our productivity course of lessons

Computer Software Discs

Introduction to Productivity Software

Our next computer course for beginners is all about being productive with your computer and productive software. You may have completed some of our other free computer lessons for basic computer training or you may be looking to get more productive with your computer by understanding how to use the software available, if so our next series of computer lessons for seniors and beginners will run through the Microsoft Office Suite of computer programmes. The computer lessons will run through in a step by step guide how to use Microsoft Office Word, a word processor programme, explains how to use Excel, a spreadheet application and Microsoft PowerPoint a presentation programme.

The courses of computer lessons are particularly useful for those looking to improve their computer skills and learn Office Word for work or Excel for work.

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Computer courses for beginners – Hoax emails and email scams

Computer courses for beginners - Hoax emails and email scams

Computer courses for beginners – Hoax emails and email scams

Continuing our computer courses for beginners and seniors we have the final computer lesson in our basic computer training, a lesson on hoax emails and email scams. This is a general computer lesson and talks about the broad threat and types of hoax emails that maybe encountered without looking at individual scam emails as these types of computer threats are always changing.

The first thing the computer lesson points out is the need to have good Internet Home Security software, with our preferred provider being McAfee. Having good internet protection will greatly reduce the risk of receiving hoax emails, but unfortunately some may well slip through. The computer lesson then takes you to the website of The London Metropolitan Police and shows their advice on fraud.

The computer lesson is suitable for anyone worldwide, as the risks are international, it is easy to follow and we have provided a link to the Metropolitan Police Fraud page for your own reading should you wish. [Read more…]