How to use Excel – A start with simple Excel Formulas

How to use Excel - Simple Excel Formulas

How to use Excel – Simple Excel Formulas

Simple Excel Formulas

In this computer lesson for Excel we take a look at some simple Excel Formulas. The online video tutorial first explains how the common mathematical operations and their mathematical symbols are used in simple Excel formulas, the lesson then continues to explain that an equals sign is always inserted at the beginning of each Excel formula and demonstrates by showing some very simple Excel Formulas using add, subtract, multiply and divide. The Excel computer lesson then shows how to use the AutoSum command pointing at the Marquee effect when cells are selected. Following this, the online computer lesson demonstrates how to build simple excel formulas by selecting individual cells for each formula and concludes by showing how to round down to the desired decimal place.

How to use Excel

The computer course is part of the how to use Excel course and the next lesson in the series goes on to demonstrate simple Excel formulas used on an Excel spreadsheet. The lesson is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their basic computer skills and learn how to use Excel. [Read more…]