How to use Powerpoint – Customise Powerpoint Tables

Customise Powerpoint Tables

Customise Powerpoint Tables

The fourth in the series of computer tutorials on how to use powerpoint continues with a computer lesson made by titantechtraining demonstrating how to customse tables on your powerpoint presentation slide. The video shows how to drag parts of your table using the cusor to reposition or alter your power point table. The computer lesson then runs through some of the many commands available using table tools on the ribbon, including inserting and deleting coloumns and rows, banding rows and coloumns and changing colours. It also demonstrates commands available using your right click menu and then continues to show that you can easily add more content to your slide including text boxes or more tables.

Once again an easy to follow computer lesson suitable for any beginner wishing to learn how to use powerpoint 2010.

To enlarge the video left click on the small square icon in four triangular pieces bottom right of video. Press the Esc button on your keyboard to return to normal view.
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Computer Courses – Word tutorials – Creating a Simple Table

Creating a simple table - Office word courses

Creating a simple table – Office word courses

Microsoft Office Word Tutorials

One of the great tools available in Microsoft Office Word is the ability to create a simple table quickly and easily, whether the table is for delivery times, membership numbers or in this case a football league, tables are a great way of showing data. This computer lesson for beginners and seniors demonstrates from scratch how to create a simple table by selecting the table parameters, adding the data, adding additional rows and adding a title to the table. The online word tutorial then changes the font, style and size to create a simple table easy to understand. [Read more…]